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Weekly Service:

This is an explanation of weekly pool and/or spa service and procedure. We will service your pool and or spa weekly on the agreed upon day. On the weeks that holidays occur, service may be on a different day. Other circumstances may change the day of service occasionally. However, we will attempt to service your pool/spa on the agreed upon day as consistently as possible. If a permanent change is to be made, we will let you know beforehand.

Regular service includes:

  Chemicals (PH adjustment, chlorine tablets, dichlor shock, algaecide) 

  Brush and vacuum pool and/or spa

  Skim water surface

  Empty pump and skimmer baskets

  Check equipment 

  Backwash the filter as needed

  Maintain water chemistry

Bad weather conditions:

     On rainy days, weekly service consists of checking water chemistry and adding chemicals, and netting of the large debris in the pool/spa. Normal pool cleaning is not done due to poor visibility from extreme water distortion. After heavy rains or severe winds, it can take up to 2 visits to restore the pool to its original condition. 

We can take care of any repair work needed on your pool/spa. We will provide an estimate for your approval, prior to work done. Please feel free to contact us at any time. 

  C Blue Pools reserves the right to discontinue service at any time. We request that the customer give C Blue Pools, thirty (30) days notice unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties. Pool/spa service is based on four (4) cleanings per month. For the four months of the year that consist of five (5) weeks per month there is no additional charge for service.

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Leak Detection:

In the heat of the summer your pool can seem to lose water faster than usual. The bucket test helps determine if the unusual rate of water loss is due to a high evaporation rate or a possible leak. Use the following steps to determine if your pool is leaking.

1.Bring pool water to normal level.

2.Fill 5 gallon bucket with pool water about 3-4 inches from top.

3.Place bucket on first or second step of pool (preferably the second step without immersing it).

4.With marker or electrical tape, mark the water level on inside of bucket.

5.Shut off pump and mark pool level on outside of bucket.

6.Resume normal pump operation. Make sure auto/manual fill valve is off during test.

7.After 24 hours, compare the two levels. If the pool water (outside mark) goes down more than the inside water level, there may be a leak.

In case of rain, repeat the test.

Test is not valid after 24 hours. Evaporation will occur at the same rate regardless of the area of water.

A bucket will lose a quarter inch of water as fast as a swimming pool loses a quarter inch of water.

If the pool is leaking, we can expertly determine if the leak is in the structure, plumbing, or accessories, and isolate the leak to minimize the required repair expense. Typical evaporation If your pool or spa is losing a half an inch a day, it could be evaporation, or it could be a leak. A quarter inch per day is most likely to be evaporation. The evaporation rate in your area will depend on humidity, sunlight intensity, barometric pressure, wind, as well as the level of activity in the pool or spa.

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Renovations :

You love your pool, but it’s beginning to show signs of age. Maybe there are cracks or stains developing on the pool floor. Maybe the tile went out of style years ago. Maybe your children have grown up and your lifestyle has changed. Or maybe you’re just ready for a new and exciting look. Whatever your reasons, C Blue Pools can bring your pool and deck area back to life!

Swimming pool repair is one of those projects that can make a world of difference in how you and others view your home. While certainly not the most pressing task in the world, neglecting swimming pool repairs is a recipe for bigger issues down the road.

An unused pool is not only an eyesore, it's also a huge waste of valuable space; one of the most effective ways to keep your pool up and running is to tackle swimming pool repairs as soon as possible and to keep up with your swimming pool maintenance. Often, regular swimming pool maintenance is able to reduce the frequency of pool problems significantly, saving you money and hassle over time.

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Equipment Installation:

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